Record week

The laundry weekly scoreboard

We are excited!
Since the start of the project in July 2019 we were able to wash 5 889 bags of cloth for the people in camp Moria!
Only this week we hit the record of 444 bags!

These numbers are just the beginning, we are not yet at full capacity. Soon we could be washing around 2 500 bags a month or more for vulnerable people of camp Moria.

Imagine living with over 15 000 (!) people outside in little, shitty tents with heavy rain, too little food and no toilets. Scabies and bedbugs spread like crazy and especially now that winter is here, there is no possibility for the people to wash or even dry their cloth. There are no words to describe how inhuman the situation is in Moria.

Beautiful, clean laundry 🙂

Thanks Ahmad Ebrahimi for the video on our front page and thank you to our partners and supporters:
Choose Love HELP International One Happy Family – Community Center, Lesvos Together for Better Days Movement On The Ground Attika Human Support hope and aid direct watershed foundation Médecins Sans Frontières – MSF

#washforhumanity #chooselove

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