Lava on fire

View of the gas flames inside the back of the dryer

The Lava Project is on fire! ?
Yesterday was a chaotic but exciting day at the laundry. The morning started with a visit by our plumber. Some leaks from the water hoses to the washing machines needed attending and during that process the machines had to be stopped. That of course slowed us down, but in turn we got on fire (literally) some hours later. Finally, after weeks of (im-)patience, the second big industrial gas dryer and the second big industrial washing machine got connected. Both of them drastically increasing our washing and drying capabilities. Already from Wednesday on we will follow up with increasing the number of laundry bags we can accept per day.

Here it is! Our brand new (well, used-new) gas dryer – for the first time in action!

But to keep the fire going, we need your help (no, for a change we are not asking for money this time, although donations are always welcome!). We need short and long term volunteers, as well as very long term with a view to a coordination role. Minimum 1 week for short termers. For longer stays the ability and willingness to drive our van will be great!

And as ever, we could not do any of this without your donations and our partners on the ground!

Help Refugees
Hope and Aid Direct – Page
Médecins Sans Frontières Greece (MSF)| Γιατροί Χωρίς Σύνορα (ΓΧΣ)
Together for Better Days
Refugee 4 Refugees
watershed foundation
HELP International
Movement On The Ground
One Happy Family – Community Center, Lesvos
Kitrinos Healthcare


Fire in the dryer. No, it’s not an accident, it’s a feature. It’s side effect, very welcome in the winter, is the fact that the exhaust pipes heat the room for us.
And here is the new used washing machine, doing its first wash. Nice piping in the background. Can anyone explain why the warm air outlet is on the lower part of the dryer, not on top? Mysterious, but it works. Really good actually.

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