Keeping the costs low

Gas Tank

Our expenses keep increasing, mainly because we increased the number of machines. But we try our best to reduce costs where we can. Our van runs on LPG (“autogas”), which safes us about 30% of the expenses we would have for regular fuel.

Filling LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), a cheaper alternative to fuel, which in addition is slightly better for the environment as well (less CO2 footprint, no particulate emission)

With the help of our friends from Watershed, we got a concrete base for a gas tank, which got delivered some days ago. It will be installed in the coming days. Buying gas in bulk (instead of small gas bottles which last for 2-3 days) will reduce our gas expenses by about 60%. And it requires less deliveries (every 2-3 months), thus less logistics, and less traffic.

The past: gas bottles (for the gas dryers). Had to be swapped every 3 days or so. 2 bottles being used in parallel all the time.
The future: a gas tank in the garden. Bulk gas is about 50% cheaper than bottled gas. The tank is for free (it is included in the gas price).

The fantastic kitchen team at OHF provides the warm lunches 5 days a week, which we pick up in reusable glass containers.

Reusable lunch box instead of the disposable boxes used before. Can be microwaved, easy to clean, saving hundreds disposable boxes.

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