Happy birthday Lava!

This past week, we celebrated our first anniversary as The Lava Project! Our weekly statistics board usually records our laundry-related accomplishments, but we make sure to keep track of the sentimental ones too! Here are some of the most noteworthy: 13,875 bags of cleaned laundry4,000+ individual scabies patients40,050 articles of cleaned COVID-19 personal protection equipment 8 community volunteers5 international volunteers6 languages spoken while working (English, Greek, Somali, Dari, Arabic, and French!)3 trusty vehicles3 puppies inaugurated into the Lava family1,500 trips to Moria camp74 (very) late evening shifts worked by Ross17 altercations with dysfunctional washing machines and dryers624 cups of Greek coffee consumed on the job (mostly by Anastasia)4 permanent markers hidden from volunteers who use them on the whiteboard22 power outages during peak business hours15 plates of homemade sweets made by Nadiifo86 dance parties in the back (during downtime, of course)Working with and inside Moria camp as a public hygiene NGO during a pandemic can often feel like taking one step forward and two steps backward immediately. We’re ambitious and our bigger goals are never out of sight, but it’s important to remember that the little things that make us happy also keep us sane, and that’s proper hygiene too.

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