World refugee week

#worldrefugeeweek in Lesvos in the middle of a pandemic has invited pushes for solidarity and change in unprecedented ways. While the rest of the world outside these camps raises awareness, funds, and voices in ways that our freedom permits, life inside the camp will change not just because of MPs or hashtags, but because of the people who live there. As Najeem, one of our community volunteers, walks through Olive Grove carrying a box of blank notebooks and pens, a trail of his young students follow him, calling him “teacher” and tossing him the new English words they learned in class the day prior. This recent organization and delivery of school supplies will make it easier for his students to retain what they’ve learned and take it with them when they leave Moria. As long as the camps remain under lockdown, a systemic block of resources, aid, and compassion restricts airflow to human rights. To combat this, camp residents must stay creative and optimistic to survive. Acknowledgment and support of the rights of refugees and asylum seekers has many faces; here are a few that Europe must look in the eye.

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