Crazy times

Crazy times call for crazy ambition! Since our last update, we’ve been working on complying with Greece’s lockdown regulations for public health, avoiding the fascist uprisings around the island, and figuring out how to work in uncertain times and circumstances.

We’ve been closed officially to self-isolate as much as possible for two weeks just in case, occasionally taking small jobs that can be completed with little contact and under the radar. There are lots of efforts around Lesvos to mitigate potential outbreaks of COVID-19 in the camps for as long as possible and to help contain it once it happens. The virus spreading to the camps seems inevitable at this point; we don’t know of any confirmed cases in Moria camp right now, but Ritsona camp in Chalkida has already shut down, with all movement into and out of the camp forbidden, after 20 people there tested positive for the virus.

One of the initiatives on Lesvos comes from the NGO Team Humanity, who have begun sewing reusable cloth masks for as many people as possible, both locals on the island and for those living in the camps. The goals are to keep everyone as safe as possible and to boost relationships, relief efforts, and solidarity between islanders and asylum seekers. To begin distributing the masks around the island, they need to be sterilized first, which is where we come in: Team Humanity and TLP are working together to get the masks ready for distribution ASAP, and in the past two days, we’ve washed and dried 13,500 masks and counting, running all of them through the gas dryers before packing and delivering to ensure anything on the masks is killed before they’re handed out.

More updates to come on how we’re helping to stay safe and combat the virus!

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