Enough is enough!

Due to the events and unrest of the last few days we are sorry to announce that The Lava Project will be closed for the rest of the week until Tuesday 3rd of March when we hope to open again.

Lesvos is on fire. The local population is exhausted, the people in the camps are exhausted and we, as aid workers, are exhausted too. This situation has reached its limits.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Lesvos especially the small villages and communities whose daily lives have been so badly affected as well as the residents in the unsanitary hell hole that Moria camp has become. This number of refugees on Lesvos and the horrendous conditions in the camps is completely unsustainable and unacceptable.

No more overcrowded camps, no more violence, no more inhumane treatments. Immediate transfer of asylum seekers and refugees to the mainland and other European countries.

The Greek Islands need an urgent solution that takes into account the human rights of everyone. Greece can’t deal with it alone. Europe wake up, take action and responsibility!

#lesvossos #lesvos #notmyeurope #safepassage
(image: www.ekathimerini.com)

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