Europes biggest humanitarian disaster

Over the past two nights fires have destroyed most of Moria refugee camp on Lesvos, leaving over 10,000 people without shelter and, in many cases, without any of their possessions. Police have placed a cordon around what remains of the camp, and blocked all roads into Mytilini, in an attempt to stop refugees from reaching the town. Families are therefore sleeping on roads, in fields and on the mountains, without shelter, food, water or sanitation.

Happy birthday Lava!

This past week, we celebrated our first anniversary as The Lava Project! Our weekly statistics board usually records our laundry-related accomplishments, but we make sure to keep track of the sentimental ones too! Here are some of the most noteworthy: 13,875 bags of cleaned laundry4,000+ individual scabies patients40,050 articles of cleaned COVID-19 personal protection equipment […]

World refugee week

#worldrefugeeweek in Lesvos in the middle of a pandemic has invited pushes for solidarity and change in unprecedented ways. While the rest of the world outside these camps raises awareness, funds, and voices in ways that our freedom permits, life inside the camp will change not just because of MPs or hashtags, but because of […]

Crazy times

Crazy times call for crazy ambition! Since our last update, we’ve been working on complying with Greece’s lockdown regulations for public health, avoiding the fascist uprisings around the island, and figuring out how to work in uncertain times and circumstances. We’ve been closed officially to self-isolate as much as possible for two weeks just in […]

Enough is enough!

Due to the events and unrest of the last few days we are sorry to announce that The Lava Project will be closed for the rest of the week until Tuesday 3rd of March when we hope to open again. Lesvos is on fire. The local population is exhausted, the people in the camps are […]

More than washing

Nadifo, Anastasia and Dega sorting through baby clothes and Nadifo on her mission. As well as washing and drying clothes and bedding for the most vulnerable residents of Moria and the scabies patients referred by the clinics The Lava Project also does some distribution work! While we try to make sure all the single mothers with […]

Keeping the costs low

Our expenses keep increasing, mainly because we increased the number of machines. But we try our best to reduce costs where we can. Our van runs on LPG (“autogas”), which safes us about 30% of the expenses we would have for regular fuel. With the help of our friends from Watershed, we got a concrete […]

Call for volunteers

The good news: The Lava project is constantly expanding!But with expansion comes the need for more workforce, as machines and vans don’t load and drive themselves. That’s why we are sending out this call for volunteers. Over 400 bags of laundry a week means over 400 people who get clean (and dry and free of […]

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