Keeping the costs low

Our expenses keep increasing, mainly because we increased the number of machines. But we try our best to reduce costs where we can. Our van runs on LPG (“autogas”), which safes us about 30% of the expenses we would have for regular fuel. With the help of our friends from Watershed, we got a concrete […]

Call for volunteers

The good news: The Lava project is constantly expanding!But with expansion comes the need for more workforce, as machines and vans don’t load and drive themselves. That’s why we are sending out this call for volunteers. Over 400 bags of laundry a week means over 400 people who get clean (and dry and free of […]

Record week

We are excited!Since the start of the project in July 2019 we were able to wash 5 889 bags of cloth for the people in camp Moria!Only this week we hit the record of 444 bags! These numbers are just the beginning, we are not yet at full capacity. Soon we could be washing around […]

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