Keeping the costs low

Our expenses keep increasing, mainly because we increased the number of machines. But we try our best to reduce costs where we can. Our van runs on LPG (“autogas”), which safes us about 30% of the expenses we would have for regular fuel. With the help of our friends from Watershed, we got a concrete […]

Call for volunteers

The good news: The Lava project is constantly expanding!But with expansion comes the need for more workforce, as machines and vans don’t load and drive themselves. That’s why we are sending out this call for volunteers. Over 400 bags of laundry a week means over 400 people who get clean (and dry and free of […]

Record week

We are excited!Since the start of the project in July 2019 we were able to wash 5 889 bags of cloth for the people in camp Moria!Only this week we hit the record of 444 bags! These numbers are just the beginning, we are not yet at full capacity. Soon we could be washing around […]

Lava on fire

The Lava Project is on fire! ?Yesterday was a chaotic but exciting day at the laundry. The morning started with a visit by our plumber. Some leaks from the water hoses to the washing machines needed attending and during that process the machines had to be stopped. That of course slowed us down, but in turn […]

Shiny new machines

Look at this! Two shiny new washing machines have arrived, thanks to your donations and the help of our sponsors. ??Each extra machine means more than twelve extra washes we can do – each day, including Saturday and Sunday. There are no weekends in the Lava laundry, as the demand is ever increasing.Three more dryers are […]

We need more machines

We have an imbalance between washing and drying capacity and need 4 new dryers. And we would like to install two new washing machines.For this we need YOUR support: But the new (reconditioned) washer and dryer just arrived from the UK – funded by #HopeandAidDirect and #Help Refugees. We will connect them this week (so we hope). We […]

Are you a coordinating talent?

The Lava Project is up and running, washing hundred and hundreds of bags of dirty laundry every day from morning to evening. To spread that workload, we need help. We need someone to join our existing small team for at least 6-8 weeks (or longer) as we take the project forward towards our planned capacity […]

The laundry – why, what, how?

The Lava Project is a Public Hygiene and Medical Support laundry facility for Moria refugee camp on Lesvos. Lesvos is one of 5 Greek islands where Reception and Identification Centres (RIC) were established to basically store refugees, often for several years, while they go through the lengthy and complex asylum application process. Moria is the […]

Moving fast

Moving fast We have the keys! Thanks to the amazing organizing skills of Ross, the washing machines got delivered already this week. Now we start cleaning, building, installing the machines, checking the water supply and electricity in order to run the project as soon as possible according to the plan.

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