bags of cloth washed last WEEK
bags of cloth washed last MONTH

The Situation

Lesvos is one of 5 Greek island where the EU opened the so called “Hotspot-Camps”. The Reception and Identification Camp (RIC) Moria is over its capacity since years. Around 5000 people who fled war and persecution are forced to live in this camp or in its extention without enough health care, sanitation, food, water.
Because there is no possibility to wash cloth, it’s inevitable that bed bugs and scabies spread like crazy and who knows what deseases they spread in the camp, on the island and to the rest of Europe.
The Lava Project was founded June 2019 by volunteers to try to fill a gap of humanitarian aid left by authorities and larger NGOs.

Our goals

Our main goals

  • All people in RIC (Reception and Identification Camp) Moria get the possibility to wash their cloth, blankets, towels regularly.
  • To improve the hygene standards in RIC Moria.
  • Refugees from Moria are volunteering in the project, get responsibilities and are a part of the coordination.
  • They improve their mental and physical stage and get a better chance of integration.


Our side goals

  • With the colaboration with mediacl teams on the ground we reduce scab infection and the hygenic condition in the camp.
  • With the gathered knowledge we push the camp management, bigger NGOs and the state to help change the conditions.
  • Refugees become coordination members and engage actively in developping the project further.
  • Working in the project has a positiv effect on their daily mood.

Our Partners

Our partners support us with collecting the laundry in Moria, providing volunteer staff or fundraising.

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